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Diesel,Petrol and Electric Future

There is a Lot of confusion around just now regarding the "demise" of Fossil fuelled Cars especially Diesel Engines.
The change over to Fully Electric Cars is WAY WAY in the future,perhaps in our opinion as much as 20 years.
Electric Cars at present offer little in the way of improvement on todays current clean Diesel and to a lesser degree Petrol engines.
Until there are Vast Improvements with Battery Range and Charging Times, Most car users will see these vehicles as not suitable.A Diesel Ford Focus can drive from Edinburgh to London on a Tank of Fuel where an Electric Car may need up to 2 Charges to do the same journey at up to 2 Hours each! Battery Lease agreements for many of the Electric Vehicles start at £50 a Month which is a shock to most people.
Residual Values of Electric Cars is currently ranging from Good to Ridiculous with some models shedding up to 80% of New Price at 3 Years old!
Hybrid Vehicles also will only run on Electric power at low speeds around towns and cities but do not have the same range anxiety of Full Electric.Most Hybrids are Petrol and Real World MPG is nothing like Manufacturers claims.
Check the cost of a Hybrid compared to a similar Diesel/Petrol and you will find a price difference.
Until there is a Truly Viable Alternative to Diesel and Petrol most people will see the sense in staying with them.
We are looking forward with excitement to an Emmission-Free Future for Cars but it is still a long way off.